Helping FM Companies

Reduce your Cost to Serve and improve your Glide-path with IoT, Occupancy Counting and Intelligent Optimisation of Services.

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Smart Tech

For FM and Cleaning companies



COVID-19 Secure Live Occupancy Solutions

Are your Customers returning to work?

Follow the Covid-19 Secure Guidelines with Social Distancing Occupancy Management and Optimised Cleaning Schedules


Smart Building Analytics

Understand your building usage and occupancy in real-time



Flexible counters for Smart Buildings

  • Performance Dashboard
  • Heat Maps
  • Staff Scheduler

A Leader in People Counting

We turn accurate footfall count data into actionable insight

For over 20 years StoreTech has provided the world's best people counting technologies on the market.


Wireless battery-powered footfall sensors helping to align cleaning to demand

A battery powered IoT footfall sensor,  providing usage heat maps, predictive scheduling and real-time mobile alerts to operatives. Achieve faster response times, better service and more effective use of resources with improved SLA compliance.



Occupancy sensors helping you understand demand

The Flexicount occupancy sensor is the world's most advanced people counter, providing 99% accurate counting.

Using the latest Time-of-Flight detection technology, the sensor is extremely accurate, making it ideal to measure building or floor occupancy.


wifi sensor trans

Wi-Fi detectors provide dwell time analytics

The Flexicount Wi-Fi sensor is a truly anonymous presence detector.

Behaviour analytics provides insight into dwell, 1st time, repeat and occupancy visits for complete journey mapping.


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